Grand Tec won the HUAWEI 2014 Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2015-03-12
Grand Tec won the HUAWEI 2014 Supplier Quality Excellence Award
All Four Quarters Evaluation Score: A

Afternoon-12 March 2014, Integration Manufacturing Plant, Mr. Huang Yuyue Head of QA Department and Engineering Department Representative on behalf of Grand Tec attended the Supplier Quality Exchange Conference held in HUAWEI. Grand Tec won HUAWEI 2014 Supplier “Quality Excellence Award”.
In 2013, four quarters of Grand evaluation score are all A’s for a distinction to be honored. The QA Department of Integration Manufacture Plant, Mr. Zhang Haifeng in behalf of Grand received the award. He said, under the leaders correct guidance and various functional departments full cooperation, staff were mobilized to implement of the QIT improvement requirements. HUAWEI customer’s quality target was decomposition to every level, assigned the specific task responsibility in each department, Manager, Director and Line supervisor. In addition, we built 19 QIT to make specialized improvement and gave a report on progress once a week. We formed 11 QCC group for the project improvement. Also, we developed the new bar code system that carried out various activities, we improve products quality to ensure that 2014 full compliance of quality objectives and provide strong guarantee for smooth product delivery.  

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